Welcome!  My name is Don Chila an educator and Vice Principal at MB Sanford Elementary in Surrey BC (Canada).  I have the privilege of working daily with over 500 remarkable students and am constantly inspired by our dedicated and talented staff.   I have taught in Surrey for 20 years and am amazed at how quickly this time has flown by.

I have worked with a variety of gifted educators and Administrators with each contributing to my own style and talents.  I am passionate about doing everything possible to maximize my students learning. The current state of technology is invigorating and being in the front seat watching this unfold at Cindrich is special.   When I first started, the IT department was a grand total of 2, my Principal was using a Colour Classic, and we soon opened a “state of the art” lab with Mac LC’s.  Having a 15 year old teen “techie” also enhances my experiences as I have the opportunity to look at learning through his eyes.

The maxim ” Building a Bridge While Walking on it” truly is where I am and where I strive to stay as a life-long learner.


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